Cell3™ Target

Choose a Catalogue Panel or Customise & ‘Target’ What You Want

Cell3™ Target, exquisitely sensitive technology for rare variant detection.


Reduced Cost & Manufacturing Time

Novel manufacturing method enables rapid 4 week delivery, and QC validation by NGS ensures uniformity of sequencing coverage for custom NGS enrichment panels.


Cell-Free DNA (cfDNA) Optimized Target Enrichment

Developed for, and validated on, ctDNA and cffDNA for both oncology and prenatal applications. Also validated on gDNA, FF and FFPE to enable testing of matched samples and from as little as 1 ng input.


Confidently Call Low Frequency Variants

Built in molecular identifiers allow accurate and confident calling of ultra-low frequency mutations down to 0.1% VAF. Dual indexing approach provides further confidence through complete removal of mis-assigned index reads caused by index hopping; further reducing false positive mutation calls.


Small, Medium or Large?

Optimized target enrichment ensures highest performance with even the smallest designs. Cell3™ Target has been optimized to deliver efficient on target capture regardless of panel size from 1 gene to >1,000 genes to ensure unrivalled on target performance.

How Low Can You Go?

Detecting cancer early or monitoring cancer post chemotherapy / surgery requires extremely sensitive analysis due to the small amounts of cfDNA and low fraction of ctDNA content. The Cell3™ Target, targeted NGS kit incorporates error suppression technology including unique molecular indexes (UMI’s) and unique dual indexes (UDI’s) for removal of both PCR / sequencing errors and index hopping events. This allows confident and sensitive calling of mutations down to 0.1% VAF and from as little as 10ng ctDNA input.


Designed To Fit Perfectly

Complete design flexibility with catalogue Cell3™ Target panels such as our Cancer (50) Panel, Pan-Cancer TMB/MSI (524) Panel or Whole Exome products or if preferred complete customisation is available. Designing a custom panel is simple and takes as little as 10 minutes with manufacture time taking 4 weeks or less including NGS validation.

Flexible for All cfDNA Applications

We understand that our customers have different needs and questions to answer. Cell3™ Target protocol was designed to answer these with a single method. Whether you are investigating early cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment selection, investigating tumor heterogeneity or using ctDNA for tumor monitoring purposes you can be assured that Cell3 Target has been validated for use with a variety of sample types including ctDNA, FFPE and FF tissues. With 384 UDI patient indices we also ensure that customer can use Cell3™ Target on the smallest to the largest output sequencers.


Fully Validated

Cell3™ Target has been extensively validated on ctDNA extracted from blood plasma, serum, urine, CSF and saliva. It is a complete protocol with simple to follow instructions. We also support end user analysis through advice and provision of ready to go analysis scripts for error removal using the incorporated unique molecular identifiers (UMI’s).

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