Cell3™ Xtract

Fast & Flexible Cell-Free DNA Extraction Kit

Our cfDNA extraction kit, Cell3™ Xtract, is a fast, accurate and flexible solution to
obtain cfDNA from plasma. With just a 90 minute processing time, it requires no
specialist equipment.

Fast and flexible

Fast protocol: 45 minutes hands on time, 90 mins in total. Flexible extraction volume: 1-10ml.

Less material required

Low elution volume (35 µl) with no need for a DNA concentration step. Also suitable for low concentrations.

Supports multiple uses

Suitable for downstream applications such as NGS and qPCR. Supports extraction from multiple specimen types.

Accurate quantification

Lack of carrier RNA requirement enables accurate quantification of extracted cfDNA for sensitive downstream applications, such as NGS.

Fast and convenient extraction workflow

Cell3™Xtract has a simple and flexible workflow which allows 1-10 ml of biological sample to be processed within 90 minutes. The flexible input volume allows for increased recovery and concentration of cfDNA while avoiding the necessity for multiple 1 ml extractions. No specialist equipment such as magnets or vacuum manifolds are required.

Cell free DNA extraction kit - Cell3 Extract

Accurate quantification of cfDNA

Accurate quantification of extracted cfDNA is important for downstream applications, particularly Next Generation Sequencing where input amounts for assays can be critical. Many companies use carrier RNA to improve cfDNA extraction which can lead to false/incorrect cfDNA quantification. The Cell3™Xtract kit does not require carrier RNA and therefore enables accurate quantification of cfDNA.

Superior technical performance

Quantitative PCR data on cfDNA samples extracted with column-based extraction kits revealed that the Cell3™Xtract kit performed on par with the Company Q kit and outperformed the Company A kit. However, the use of carrier RNA in the Company Q kit resulted in a higher DNA concentration measurement (~50 fold) and the appearance of a high molecular weight peak in the fragment analysis electropherogram.

In the comparison with bead based kits, the Cell3™Xtract kit performed better than the Company M kit (based on quantitative PCR data and DNA concentration measurements) and on par with the Company O kit.


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