Probe Design Tool

Making it simple to create and optimise custom sequencing panels

Your Design In Your Hands

Good design is key to a successful NGS panel ensuring adequate coverage and robust variant calling.

A good design will deliver a better uniformity of coverage across your targeted regions, reducing your sequencing costs and improving sample throughput.

But a good panel design is not easy to achieve, especially first time.

That’s why we have developed our Probe Design tool, an an intuitive, easy to use, web based software for the design and optimisation of targeted NGS sequencing panels.

  • Create designs from scratch in minutes using uploaded BED files, gene lists or genomic coordinates.
  • Instantly receive coverage data and request a quote.
  • Customise our catalogue products; add your own content onto one of our fixed panels.
  • Easily merge, compare and share panels


Uniformity of coverage

To ensure the best coverage of your regions, the Probe Design Tool:

  • Includes an exome gap-fill based on our tried and tested exome products.
  • Automatically masks highly repetitive regions maximising your chance of success (although if you want to include them, you can unmask them).

Note that access to the Probe Design Tool requires a login to My Nonacus; you can create one if you don't already have one by clicking on the ‘Start your panel design’ link below: