Targeted Resequencing Service

Service support for Nonacus panels

Targeted resequencing is a cost-effective method for investigating areas of interest with next generation sequencing. By focusing on regions that are most likely to be involved in the phenotype under study, it allows researchers to conserve resources, handle more manageable data sets and affordably deliver much higher coverage levels, allowing identification of rare variants.

For customers interested in using Nonacus targeted resequencing products as a service we can:

  • Put you in touch with an approved service provider or core facility
  • Support you directly through our own service facility

Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)

Targeting all the protein coding regions in the human genome, WES offers the most comprehensive tool for detecting the genetic variations underlying cancers, Mendelian diseases and complex human disorders (and a more cost-effective approach than whole genome sequencing).


Tumour/Liquid Biopsy Sequencing

Targeted sequencing panels that detect genes and mutations specific to known cancer phenotypes in gDNA, FFPE or ctDNA samples.

A panel of 524 oncogenes for profiling and stratification of common cancers and response prediction to immunotherapy.

A highly focused panel covering actionable mutations in the EGFR pathway.


Carrier Screening

A targeted sequencing panel that provides comprehensive coverage of 488 paediatric recessive disorders in a single NGS workflow.

Custom design your own panel

Each of our customers is conducting unique research with specific needs so if our fixed content panels don’t deliver what you are looking for, we will work with you to design your own.

  • Complete design flexibility with Cell3™ Target panels
  • Personal and bespoke service to ensure aims are achieved.
  • Manufacture time < 4 weeks including NGS validation.

If you would like to collaborate with us on your own design, please complete our service request form and we’ll be in touch.

Nonacus service features

  • Sample: We accept blood, plasma, saliva, FFPE curls, FF tissue, and extracted DNA samples.
  • Capture method: Nonacus, Cell3™ Target enrichment
  • Sequencing Platform: Illumina, NovaSeq 6000 or MGI, DNB-Seq G400
  • Sequencing Read Type: Paired-end 150 bp
  • Turnaround Time: 2~3 weeks (from sample receival to FASTQ), rapid services available please enquire
  • Data transfer: We provide data releasing through SFTP download link or by loading into our partnered software companies' software for data analysis and interpretation. Please enquire about software analysis options

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