Target exactly what you want

With Cell3™ Target Custom NGS Panels

Exquisitely sensitive technology for rare variant detection.

Cell3™ Target is a novel targeted enrichment system for NGS developed by Nonacus to provide a complete, straightforward and customisable solution for converting any type of DNA (cfDNA, gDNA, FFPE DNA) into libraries for next generation sequencing.

Exceptional performance

Cell3™ Target customised panels offer uniform coverage and more on target sequencing reads then other enrichment methods.  Molecular barcoding allows accurate and confident calling of ultra-low frequency mutations down to 0.1% VAF and NGS validation of every panel guarantees you probe uniformity.

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Put us to the test

Put us to the test, send us your gene list or current BED file and we will design your panel completely free of charge (and with no obligation).  If you like what you see, then have 50% off your first panel*, compliments of us.

Step 1: Send us your list of genes or current BED file

Step 2: We will send you back your design, free of charge and with a quote for 50% discount*.

Step 3: Place your order

Step 4: Receive your NGS validated panel 4 weeks later.

*Offer valid until 29th Feb 2020. Limited to one panel and one purchase per customer.

I would like to test your free design service and take advantage of your 50% offer:

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