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Frequently asked questions

What qPCR machines are compatible with Cell3™ Direct?

A full compatibility matrix is available here or alternatively can be found in the protocol for a specified product, all protocols can be downloaded in the product specific resource section.

My Non Template Controls (NTCs) or negative controls are amplifying?

Cell3™ Direct qPCR technology is extremely sensitive, as few as 1-3 copies can be amplified. Amplification in the NTCs or negative controls that is random in nature is likely due to low level contamination. We recommend the following actions:

  • Use clean working practises to minimise the potential of template contamination.
  • Where possible use separate areas for PCR mix preparation, template addition and qPCR reaction running.
  • Set up qPCR reaction in a PCR or biological safety cabinet using sterile / PCR-clean equipment and consumables only.

How should I analyse my results?

Each qPCR machine is different and therefore we recommend validation of our kit in each laboratory. However, we have provided some guidelines that in most instances provide a robust analysis approach.

Cell3™ FS Direct Analysis Guidelines v1.1

Cell3™ RHD Direct Analysis Guidelines v1.1

What is an inconclusive result and what should I do if I see one?

An inconclusive result is where there are not enough markers to be certain that the sample is positive, but some replicates have been amplified and therefore it is not clearly a negative result. This could be for a number of reasons including low level contamination, poor PCR efficiency or there is simply not enough cell free fetal DNA to amplify reliably. If an inconclusive result is obtained we recommend re-running the assay direct from plasma or alternatively extracting cell free DNA from the remaining plasma and running using the cell free DNA extracted protocol option.