Our GALEAS™ Platform

True innovation that benefits cancer patients.

Welcome to GALEAS

Current cancer screening methods can be expensive and invasive, and they don’t always detect relapse early enough.

At Nonacus, we are developing an innovative solution to this problem.

Combining ultra-sensitive genomic techniques with cutting-edge bioinformatics, our GALEAS platform aims to leverage the unique molecular signature of a tumor to guide treatment decisions, detect cancer early and provide recurrence monitoring to improve patient outcomes.

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The right treatment, for the right patient, at the right time

The ability to detect biomarkers that determine specific treatments (or eliminate treatments) and monitor recurrence of cancer at the earliest opportunity has the potential to significantly improve outcomes.


Targeted genomic profiling of tumor samples

Determining the molecular signature and identifying the driver mutations of a cancer provides an insight into the tumor classification and possible treatment pathways. Targeted next generation sequencing is a cost-effective approach that detects clinically relevant and actionable biomarkers associated with a cancer, like single nucleotide variants (SNV), INDELs, copy number variants (CNV) and fusions, as well as genome wide markers like TMB, MSI and HRD. It can help identify appropriate therapeutic paths like immunotherapy and provide a genetic signature specific to an individual tumor that can be used in monitoring.

Message from our CEO

“We are striving to develop a suite of meaningful non-invasive tools that can have real impact on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer.”

Chris Sale
CEO, Nonacus

The potential of liquid biopsy

Unlike tissue sampling, which can only really be done once or twice on any individual, liquid biopsy testing offers the possibility of serial sampling of a patient throughout their treatment. This allows the response of a patient to treatment to be measured, and resistance and relapse can be spotted earlier than current screening methods. It also offers the possibility to profile tumors where a tissue biopsy is difficult or undesirable.

Why Nonacus?

Optimized bioinformatics for clinical environments
Our GALEAS platform will support the analysis of Nonacus panels, optimizing variant detection from primary tumor screening through to long-term longitudinal monitoring, ultimately delivering an integrated platform for cancer care.

Ultra-sensitive primary tumor analysis that can detect clinically relevant SNVs, INDELs and CNVs in both solid and liquid biopsies
We are developing carefully curated pan-cancer panels that are validated on cell-free DNA and FFPE samples, as well as genomic DNA, giving you the option of profiling either primary, metastatic, or liquid biopsies.

Ultra-sensitive MRD panels for longitudinal monitoring
Our ultra-sensitive MRD panels are designed for detecting tumor or patient specific variants from tumor derived cell-free DNA at multiple time points during treatment, opening up the possibility to track a patient’s response to treatment.