Panel Design Tool

Create custom next generation sequencing (NGS) panels online in minutes.

Your design in your hands

Complete design control

Our online software means you can create a panel design, get target coverage information and request a quote in minutes.

Flexible input files

From BED files, gene lists or genomic coordinates, our Panel Design Tool offers various ways to input your regions of interest.

Best in class algorithms

Improve your success rate by leveraging our experience. Maximize on target regions and uniformity of coverage, even on small panels.

Instant design feedback

With no need to wait for design assistance, a panel design submission will generate target coverage and probe information instantly.

Do you need an NGS panel that is specific to your clinical or research requirements?

Targeted DNA sequencing approaches rely on a successful NGS panel design to provide high on-target rates with good uniformity of coverage, to accurately and robustly call genomic variants with high sensitivity and specificity.

At Nonacus we have developed an intuitive, online Panel Design Tool that puts your NGS panel design firmly in your hands, allowing you to create a custom panel in minutes.

The Panel Design Tool has best in class integrated algorithms which automatically mask highly repetitive regions and include an exome gap-fill to ensure that the probes designed capture target regions efficiently and with uniform coverage. Whether your panel is large or small, you can create a panel design which delivers sequencing efficiency, reducing your sequencing costs and improving sample throughput.

The tool allows you to create a design from scratch from BED files, gene names or genomic coordinates.

Example Nonacus Panel Design Tool report

Want to see just how effortless it is to create custom NGS panel designs with the Nonacus Panel Design Tool?

This video provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to quickly generate a panel design from beginning to end.

Our Panel Design Tool allows you to:

  • Create a design from scratch in minutes
  • Customize one of our existing panels or add all of your own content
  • Input regions using BED files, gene lists or genomic coordinates
  • Receive instant design feedback including coverage data
  • Easily share your panel design with colleagues and collaborators

To create an account and start your design now, click the link below.

See our technology in action

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. 

Ordering information

Cell3 Target panels are available with one of two versions of our library preparation kits:

  • - Fragmentation: for use with gDNA (FF or FFPE)
  • - Non-Fragmentation: for use with cell-free DNA
Panel Size - XS0-500 probes
48 SamplesNGS_C3C_XS_FR_48 NGS_C3C_XS_NF_48
96 SamplesNGS_C3C_XS_FR_96NGS_C3C_XS_NF_96
Panel Size - S501-1000 probes
48 SamplesNGS_C3C_S_FR_48NGS_C3C_S_NF_48
96 SamplesNGS_C3C_S_FR_96NGS_C3C_S_NF_96
Panel Size - M1001-5000 probes
48 SamplesNGS_C3C_M_FR_48NGS_C3C_M_NF_48
96 SamplesNGS_C3C_M_FR_96NGS_C3C_M_NF_96
Panel Size - L5001-7500 probes
48 SamplesNGS_C3C_L_FR_48NGS_C3C_L_NF_48
96 SamplesNGS_C3C_L_FR_96NGS_C3C_L_NF_96
Panel Size - XL7501-10,000 probes
48 SamplesNGS_C3C_XL_FR_48NGS_C3C_XL_NF_48
96 SamplesNGS_C3C_XL_FR_96NGS_C3C_XL_NF_96
Panel Size - XXL10,000-25,000 probes
48 SamplesNGS_C3C_XXL_FR_48NGS_C3C_XXL_NF_48
96 SamplesNGS_C3C_XXL_FR_96NGS_C3C_XXL_NF_96

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