Terms and Conditions

When we do business with you, the standard terms and conditions below are an important part of the contract between you, the customer, and Nonacus. They set out each of our legal rights and responsibilities, and other information required by law.

Some important points are:

  • Purchase orders must quote the relevant design ID for custom-made products
  • Orders for custom-made products cannot be changed or cancelled once we have accepted your design: if you want to change the design or cancel the order, the full fee will still be payable
  • Orders for catalogue-listed products may only be changed or cancelled at our discretion, in which case a restocking charge of 30% of the price will be payable
  • Nonacus may require payment up front in certain circumstances
  • Nonacus retains all rights in the deliverables (which includes data we produce) until the invoice is paid.
  • ‘Customer’ means the named party in the Contract which has agreed to purchase the Deliverables from Nonacus and whose contact details are set out in the Order.
  • If you wish to use the (free) GALEAS Software Services in combination with our GALEAS reagent kit, you will be asked to accept the GALEAS ‘Terms of Use’ when first registering for this service. By signing these standards terms and conditions, you agree to be bound by the ‘Terms of Use’ as published on our website at the point of use of service.

The above is a summary of a few key terms. It is not intended to replace the complete standard terms and conditions below, which you should read carefully.

Standard terms and conditions of business