The future of genomic medicine is fluid

Detect, monitor, and guide treatment decisions with a clinically validated end-to-end workflow

Revolutionizing precision medicine to improve patient care

Unlock the powerful integration of non-invasive sample collection and cutting-edge genomics technology. Advance precision medicine and improve patient care with advanced liquid biopsy NGS, enabling early disease detection, allowing targeted treatment decisions.



Empower early and accurate cancer detection with tissue and liquid biopsy NGS panels. Designed for confident calling of even the lowest frequency variants, our panels enable precise patient monitoring and informed treatment decisions in oncology research and clinical practice.


Sample Collection and Isolation

Get the most out of your samples by optimizing your liquid biopsy collection and cell-free DNA (cfDNA) extraction. Tailored to clinical and translational research and analysis, our liquid biopsy kits enhance sample collection, storage, and testing to deliver sensitive and accurate measurements of genomic alterations.



Achieve precise cytogenetic analysis with our specialized library preparation kits and NGS panels, meticulously designed to detect chromosomal abnormalities, including SNVs, indels, and CNVs, all within a streamlined workflow for comprehensive constitutional genetics assessment.


Collaborative Designs

A collection of customer designed NGS panels available to order now to get you up and running quickly, or to inspire you to create your own.


Custom Designs

Target the genes and variants important to your research by creating your own NGS panel using our ultra-sensitive Cell3 Target enrichment system. These targeted panels require as little as 10 ng DNA input and allow detection of heterozygous mutations down to 0.1% VAF.

Enhancing diagnostic accuracy and improving patient experience

At Nonacus, we drive innovation that directly benefits patients, doctors, and scientists. By translating cutting-edge research into practical diagnostic tools and leveraging our advanced design algorithm, we provide end-to-end liquid biopsy NGS solutions that improve coverage, enhance diagnostic accuracy, and improve the patient experience.

Empowering genomic insights through customizable NGS panels

The GALEAS vision

The GALEAS workflow will offer an end-to-end solution for diagnostic and longitudinal monitoring. With simplified primary analysis, customizable panels based on patient-specific markers, and informative prognostic data, GALEAS empowers clinicians in making informed decisions.

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Experienced professionals driving precision healthcare advancements

We are a dedicated team of biotechnology professionals specializing in genomic healthcare, leveraging our extensive collective experience in the field. We intimately understand the pressures laboratories face, which is why our products are meticulously designed to streamline your workflows and provide more accurate results.

With experience ranging from the NHS to international genome projects, we are well-positioned to support advancements in precision healthcare.

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