Our Technology

Nonacus has developed two proprietary technologies Cell3 Target and GALEAS.

Cell3 Target focuses on target enrichment technology generating next generation sequencing (NGS) libraries from all DNA types (gDNA, FFPE and cfDNA).

GALEAS is an innovative  platform combining ultra-sensitive genomic technology with sophisticated bioinformatic tools for diagnostic reporting.

Unleash the power of precision with Nonacus

Enhanced sensitivity

Empower your genomic analysis with our advanced technology, enabling highly sensitive detection of low-frequency variants for precise and reliable results.

Versatile DNA sample compatibility with Cell3 Target

Analyze all DNA sample types, from genomic DNA (gDNA) from fresh frozen tissue (FF), to cell-free DNA (cfDNA) and fixed formalin paraffin embedded tissue (FFPE), for versatile and comprehensive genetic testing.

Comprehensive sample-to-report solution with GALEAS

Streamline your testing process with our complete sample-to-report solution, saving you valuable time while ensuring comprehensive and efficient genetic analysis.

Empowering precision medicine

Develop personalized and targeted treatment strategies through comprehensive genomic analysis, supporting close monitoring of treatment response and enabling early detection of disease recurrence for improved patient outcomes.

GALEAS - revolutionizing cancer diagnosis and monitoring

GALEAS revolutionises cancer management with its groundbreaking end-to-end solution. By leveraging the potential of liquid biopsies, GALEAS enables precise cancer diagnosis, continuous monitoring, and detection of minimal residual disease (MRD).

This transformative approach empowers healthcare professionals with comprehensive insights, ensuring accurate and actionable information for enhanced patient outcomes and personalised treatment strategies. Experience the power of GALEAS for a new era in cancer management.

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Cell3 Target technology- optimized performance for reliable variant calling

Cell3 Target Technology is a groundbreaking innovation that ensures optimized performance, regardless of the size of the NGS panel. It is a versatile solution suitable for all DNA sample types, including gDNA and cfDNA, and DNA from FFPE and fresh frozen (FF) tissues.

The key feature of Cell3 Target is its ability to confidently call variants down to 0.1% Variant Allele Frequency (VAF). This level of sensitivity enables accurate detection of low-frequency variants, essential for comprehensive genomic analysis.

“Using cell-free DNA as a diagnostic biomarker in the clinical field poses many challenges, such as its low availability in biological samples and high level of degradation.

Here at Nonacus we leverage our expertise in cell-free DNA biology and molecular genomics to deliver products that are geared towards maximizing the recovery of cell-free DNA and the efficiency of our chemistry, workflows and analytics, to deliver the highest level of sensitivity and specificity for our customer’s liquid biopsy needs.”

Michael Parks
Role Head of R&D, Nonacus

Scientific recognition and proven validity

Our technology has achieved analytic and clinical validity as evidenced by publications in prestigious scientific journals such as Nature, Journal of Clinical Oncology, and Journal of Molecular Diagnostics.

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