Remove The Need For Luck When Detecting Low Frequency Variants

Developing innovative technologies which enable early detection, treatment selection and patient monitoring
through confident detection of even the lowest frequency variants.

Targeted resequencing panels for low frequency mutation detection

Liquid biopsy, which detects tumour DNA circulating in blood or other fluids, offers a non-invasive approach to cancer diagnosis avoiding the need for tissue biopsy.  However the levels of tumour DNA in a background of DNA from normal tissue require ultra-sensitive sequencing methods to detect them.

Nonacus is developing innovative technologies which allow confident and sensitive calling of mutations down to 0.1% VAF and as little as 10ng ctDNA input from liquid or tissue biopsies to enable the early detection of cancer, monitoring of cancer treatment and detection of relapse as early as possible.

Our Products

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Cell3™ Target: Hereditary Cancer Panel

A comprehensive NGS sequencing panel for analysing germline mutations in 129 genes associated with hereditary cancers. This panel allows laboratories to streamline workflows whilst delivering high performance, efficient sequencing and robust calling of SNVs, indels and CNVs.

Hereditary cancer family tree

Cell3™ Target: Bladder Cancer Panel

An NGS panel comprising of 451 somatic mutations that cover 96% of bladder cancer cases. Validated on urinary genomic cell-pellet DNA and cfDNA this panel offers a sensitive, cost effective and non-invasive method to profile bladder cancer.


Cell3™ Target: Pan-Cancer TMB/MSI (524) Panel

A comprehensive panel of 524 oncogenes that allows you to accurately profile and stratify all common cancers and predict response to immunotherapy.

All in one assay.


Cell3™ Target: Tumor Exome

Whole exome capture designed specifically for cancer research covering key intronic regions like promoters, translocations and fusions and CNVs for comprehensive primary tumor profiling.


Cell3™ Target: Actionable Mutation Panel (EGFR)

A highly focused panel covering actionable mutations in the EGFR pathway. Validated on ctDNA as well as FF and FFPE DNA it offers a quick and affordable method for profiling primary tumors and/or liquid biopsies.

DNA sequencing for cancer diagnostics

Cell3™ Target: Whole Exome

Exome enrichment that delivers 33Mb of highly-conserved protein coding regions and 99% of ClinVar variants. Content focused on what matters allowing you reduce sequencing costs and improve throughput.


Cell3™ Target: Custom NGS panels

Target the genes and variants important to your research by creating your own NGS panel using our ultra-sensitive Cell3 Target enrichment system. Suitable for converting cfDNA, gDNA or FFPE DNA into libraries these panels are ideal for rare variant detection in liquid or tissue biopsies.


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