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Overview of Nonacus

In 2015, Nonacus established itself with a clear mission: to prioritize the end-user by providing high-quality, non-invasive genetic testing.

Our team consists of passionate biotechnology experts, including professionals from the NHS and international genome projects, committed to delivering continuous progress. This deep understanding forms the foundation of our product development and fuels our drive for innovation.

Our vision

We want to create a world where early cancer diagnosis, detection and management is simple and universally available.

Our mission

We are deploying our precision oncology solutions to enable access to accurate and cutting-edge cancer genomics solutions worldwide.

Nonacus company group photo in front of Nonacus headquarters
Headshot of Chris Sale, CEO, Nonacus

Testimonial from our CEO

"Our goal is to democratize non-invasive genetic testing globally with a focus on oncology so that we can enable decentralised, cost-effective, and cutting-edge cancer detection and longitudinal patient monitoring."

Chris Sale

CEO, Nonacus

The Nonacus name

When Chris and Lee founded Nonacus, they had a singular purpose - to develop non-invasive DNA tests that would change how genomic diagnostics was done.

Latest Nonacus News

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