Nonacus cell-free DNA collection tube with label

Cell-free DNA collection tubes

Protect your cfDNA with Nonacus Cell3 Preserver tubes. Designed to maintain white blood cell integrity for up to 15 days.

These specialized direct-draw blood collection tubes ensure contamination-free samples for liquid biopsy and non-invasive prenatal testing.


Close up of the automated bead-based cfDNA extraction kit

Automatable bead-based cfDNA extraction kit

Maximize your cfDNA yield with the Bead Xtract cfDNA NGS kit. Utilizing high-binding capacity paramagnetic particles, it offers input volume flexibility (0.5-10 ml) and supports manual and automated protocols.

Achieve efficient, scalable extraction in just 30 minutes of setup time.

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Spin column-based cfDNA extraction kit

Streamline your cfDNA extraction with the Cell3 Xtract NGS kit.

This robust and efficient solution isolates cfDNA from plasma and other samples, eliminating the need for specialized equipment. Process up to 10 ml within 90 minutes and enhance your cfDNA recovery and concentration.







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