Bead Xtract cfDNA Kit

Scalable, automatable cfDNA extraction

A flexible and efficient cfDNA extraction kit that uses paramagnetic beads to obtain high quality cfDNA from plasma or serum

Flexible and scalable cfDNA purification

Bead Xtract cfDNA extraction is easily scalable to suit your laboratory needs with a range of input volumes from 0.5-10 ml and both manual and automated protocols.

Fully automated or manual protocol

From lysis through to separation, the protocol can be fully automated and is compatible with most open-source liquid handlers.

Maximize cfDNA yield for every sample

High binding capacity beads maximise cfDNA recovery and an elution volume as low as 30 µl ensures cfDNA is concentrated enough for downstream applications without the need for DNA vacuum concentration. 

Quality cfDNA output for applications such as NGS

The cfDNA DNA extraction kit uses the reversible nucleic acid-binding properties of paramagnetic particles along with an optimised binding system that targets recovery of small cfDNA fragments and minimises gDNA contamination.

small bead xtract kit
Bead Xtract cfDNA, 20 (1 ml) extractions
medium bead xtract kit
 Bead Xtract cfDNA, 200 (1 ml) extractions
large bead xtract kit
Bead Xtract cfDNA, 800 (1 ml) extractions

Simple, scalable cfDNA extraction from plasma or serum

The utility of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in both translational research and diagnostic settings has increased dramatically since its discovery.

Extracting cfDNA from biological samples can be challenging due to its low concentration and small fragment size. It is also critical to minimise genomic DNA (gDNA) contamination from white blood cells, to achieve accurate cfDNA analysis. Therefore a cfDNA isolation method that is highly efficient at recovering smaller fragment sizes is highly desirable.

To address this need, Nonacus have developed a flexible and scalable bead-based cfDNA extraction kit that is able to quickly and efficiently isolate high quality cfDNA from up to 10 ml plasma or serum samples.

Flexible cell-free DNA purification

The Bead Xtract cfDNA kit is simple and easy to use and is completely scalable to fit with your sample requirements. A flexible input volume of 0.5-10 ml plasma or serum avoids the requirement for multiple cfDNA extractions, saving you precious time and resources.

The Bead Xtract cfDNA protocol offers ultimate user flexibility, as it can be run manually or as a fully automated process and is highly compatible with a range of open-source liquid handlers.

Maximize cfDNA yield

The high binding capacity of the paramagnetic particles used in the Nonacus Bead Xtract cfDNA kit maximises cfDNA yield from plasma samples. It also reduces the volume of particles required to isolate the cfDNA so that an elution volume as low as 30 ul can be achieved even with very large volumes of plasma.


High performance cfDNA DNA extraction

We compared the DNA extraction yield (ng) of the Bead Xtract cfDNA extraction kit to a range of spin-column and bead-based cfDNA extraction kits currently available on the market.  DNA extraction was performed manually using 1 ml plasma replicates following the individual company instructions and DNA quantification showed that the Bead Xtract cfDNA kit outperformed the other extraction methods (Figure 1).


The Bead Xtract cfDNA kit and protocol are optimized for recovering smaller DNA fragments ensuring that cfDNA yield is maximized. Figure 2 shows typical nucleosomal patterning indicative of successful cfDNA isolation and minimal gDNA contamination. This ensures that high quality cfDNA is recovered from your samples enabling more sensitive detection of genomic variants in downstream applications like qPCR, ddPCR and NGS.

Figure 1. Average DNA yield (ng) extracted from 1 ml plasma replicates using a range of different bead-based and spin-column based extraction kits. cfDNA was extracted following the manufacturer's instructions and eluted into 50 ul of elution buffer. DNA concentration was determined using high sensitivity reagents on the Qubit 3.0 (Invitrogen).

Figure 2. Automated cfDNA extraction using the Bead Xtract cfDNA kit shows expected nucleosomal patterning typical of cfDNA fragment distribution and low gDNA contamination.    4 ml replicates performed on the Hamilton ML STAR and eluted in 50 µl of buffer. Purified DNA was analysed on the Agilent 4200 Tapestation.

Streamlined workflow

The properties of the paramagnetic particles in the Bead Xtract cfDNA kit ensure fast magnetic separation even when using large volumes of plasma.

The elimination of funnels and vacuum steps streamlines the process so that manual extraction takes less than 70 minutes with a hands-on time of under 30 minutes.

Bead Xtract Workflow
Automated xtraction robot

Automated cfDNA extraction

The Bead Xtract cfDNA protocol offers users flexibility to be run manually or as a fully automated process to suit laboratory and sample throughputs. Validation of automated isolation from lysis to extraction has been performed on the Hamilton ML STAR but protocols and scripts are available for a range of open-ended liquid handlers. Please contact for more information.

Fully automated cfDNA extraction requires just 30 minutes set-up time and has been shown to generate highly concordant results with manual processing.

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