Nonacus launches Cell3™ Xtract kit to improve isolation of cell free DNA

Montpellier, Nonacus Ltd today announced the launch of a new DNA extraction kit designed to assist both researchers and clinicians translate the huge potential of circulating cell free DNA into improved patient care.

Non-invasive screening of cell free DNA has already revolutionised the screening of conditions such as Down Syndrome in high risk pregnancies however there is growing interest in its broader application in other areas of prenatal medicine and in the treatment of some cancers.

Speaking at CNAPS (the 10th International Symposium of Circulating Nucleic Acids in Plasma and Serum) in Montpellier, where the company is presenting the latest results from its existing non-invasive Rhesus D blood genotyping technology, the company’s CEO, Chris Sale, said “While cell free DNA is often challenging to handle. By providing maximum flexibility over input volumes and through the use of a very simple and efficient protocol we are able to ensure the highest possible DNA yield and quality from every sample thereby making cell free DNA much more accessible as a diagnostic tool”.

Also at attending the conference the company’s Chief Scientific Officer, Lee Silcock, added “This latest Cell3™kit cements Nonacus’ commitment to producing complete, simple and robust product solutions that can be used “out of the box” to generate high quality results suitable for the clinical investigation of cell free DNA”.

For further information of Cell3™ Xtract, together with the company’s Cell3™ Direct qPCR assay for determination of fetal sex and fetal Rhd, please see

About Nonacus

Nonacus is a specialist diagnostics company focussed exclusively on the investigation and reporting of clinically actionable results from circulating cell free DNA.

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