Cell3™ Target: Pan-Cancer (524) TMB/MSI Panel

Comprehensive analysis of cancer driver mutations in a single enrichment.

An NGS panel of 524 oncogenes that allows you to profile and stratify all common
cancers and predict response to immunotherapy. All in one assay.


One workflow for multiple biomarkers

Detect cancer driver mutations across 524 oncogenes on all sample types in a single NGS enrichment. Less handling. Less time. More results first time.


Run ctDNA and FFPE samples

Validated on ctDNA and FFPE samples, as well as gDNA, giving you the option of profiling either primary or metastatic biopsies.


Measure tumor genomic instability

Confidently extrapolate tumor mutation burden (TMB) from panel sequencing data for immunotherapy response prediction.


An alternative to whole exome sequencing

Simplified analysis and reduced costs make this targeted panel an attractive alternative to whole exome sequencing (WES) for routine use.

Pan-Cancer Profiling

If you have limited time and limited sample, targeted sequencing offers the best approach to profile common cancer genes via a comprehensive set of biomarkers in a single panel.

The Cell3™ Target: Pan-Cancer (524) TMB/MSI panel covers common driver mutations and allows the analysis of tumor mutation burden (TMB) and microsatellite instability (MSI) . This panel means you can process all of your oncology samples – regardless of sample type or tumour origin – in a single, simple workflow.

Comprehensive Content

The Pan-Cancer (524) TMB/MSI panel covers 63 genes from NCCN/FDA cancer treatment guidelines, 116 cancer driver genes and 345 genes in vital cancer signalling pathways. The design, whilst exon focused, covers key intronic and promoter regions and contains a selection of CNV probes to support copy number calling across the genome. It is a comprehensive panel that allows you to accurately identify and profile variants associated with cancer and stratify all common cancers in a single workflow.

Table 1. Pan-Cancer (524) TMB/MSI Panel gene content.


Predict a Positive Response to Immunotherapy

TMB and MSI are biomarkers for immunotherapy response. Targeted sequencing offers a cost-effective way to measure them, but the size of a panel can influence the precision of their measurement. Too small and the measurement is imprecise (and therefore clinically suboptimal for patient stratification and response prediction) but too large and it is not cost effective for routine use. At 1.58Mb, the Nonacus Pan-Cancer (524) TMB/MSI panel, delivers accurate TMB estimation, cost effectively.

…in Liquid Biopsy and Solid Tumor Samples

With Cell3™ Target enrichment technology, this panel enables you to profile cancers from either circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) or FFPE samples. This means you’re free to analyse liquid, primary or metastatic biopsies – all in one workflow.


Table 2. Number of samples per flow cell to achieve 100x mean depth of coverage based on 2 x 100bp library and maximum quoted sequencer output for Nonacus Cell3™ Target Pan-Cancer (524) TMB/MSI Panel.

Maximise Sequencing Efficiency

By increasing the yield per sample, Cell3™ Target libraries allow you to run more samples per flow cell, which increases your efficiency and reduces your cost per sample.

Detect Low-level Variants

The Cell3™ Target technology behind the Pan-Cancer panel incorporates error suppression technology, which includes unique molecular indexes (UMIs) and unique dual indexes (UDIs), to remove both PCR and sequencing errors and index hopping events. This allows confident and sensitive calling of mutations down to 0.1% VAF from as little as 10ng ctDNA input.

Ordering Information

Product: Cell3™Target Pan-Cancer (524), Tumor Mutational Burden/MSI Panel, (16 samples)
Catalogue No.: C3299 (options A/B/C*)

Product: Cell3™Target Pan-Cancer (524), Tumor Mutational Burden/MSI Panel, (96 samples)
Catalogue No.: C3300 (options A/B/C*)

*All Cell3™ Target panels are available with three fragmentation options:

A = non-fragmentation e.g. cffDNA/ctDNA,
B = fragmentation e.g. gDNA or FFPE,
C = Both Fragmentation and Non-Fragmentation (half of each)

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