Prenatal Healthcare

Optimised & Validated Using Both Plasma & cfDNA

A range of non-invasive prenatal products to allow sensitive and accurate detection of
fetal specific genetic conditions.


Using our proprietary and sensitive Cell3™ Direct (direct from plasma real-time PCR) and Cell3™  Target (exquisitely sensitive targeted NGS) technology which are optimised and validated on both plasma and cfDNA, Nonacus have developed a range of non-invasive prenatal products to allow sensitive and accurate detection of fetal genotypes in easy to use kits, provided along with data analysis guidelines.

Our Products

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Cell3™ Direct RhD

The First Direct From Plasma NIPD Test

The first direct from plasma non-invasive prenatal diagnosis kit for Fetal RhD Genotyping provides a quicker, more cost effective and validated assay. The Cell3™ Direct Fetal RhD Group Genotyping kit targets sequences specific for exons 5, 7 and 10 of the RhD gene and can distinguish between RhD positive, RhD negative and RhD PSI genotypes in cfDNA.


Cell3™ Direct Fetal Sex Determination Kit

Improving Patient Pathways

Utilizing circulating cell free fetal DNA (cffDNA), which can be detected in maternal plasma from early in gestation, and through the use of our proprietary Cell3™ amplification technology the Cell3™ Direct Fetal Sex Determination kit accurately reports fetal sex early in pregnancy without the need for invasive procedures.

Cell3™ Target

How Low Can You Go?

Detecting cancer early or monitoring cancer post chemotherapy / surgery requires extremely sensitive analysis due to the small amounts of cfDNA and low fraction of ctDNA content. The Cell3™ Target, targeted NGS kit incorporates error suppression technology including unique molecular indexes (UMI’s) and unique dual indexes (UDI’s) for removal of both PCR / sequencing errors and index hopping events. This allows confident and sensitive calling of mutations down to 0.1% VAF and from as little as 10ng ctDNA input.


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