Analysis of genetic variability in Turner syndrome linked to long-term clinical features | Suntharalingham JP, et al | Frontiers in Endocrinology | Sep. 2023

Nonacus product: Germline


Women with Turner syndrome (TS) (45,X and related karyotypes) have an increased prevalence of conditions such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, hypothyroidism, autoimmunity, hypertension, and congenital cardiovascular anomalies (CCA). Whilst the risk of developing these co-morbidities may be partly related to haploinsufficiency of key genes on the X chromosome, other mechanisms may be involved. Improving our understanding of underlying processes is important to develop personalized approaches to management.

Objective: We investigated whether: 1) global genetic variability differs in women with TS, which might contribute to co-morbidities; 2) common variants in X genes - on the background of haploinsufficiency - are associated with phenotype (a “two-hit” hypothesis); 3) the previously reported association of autosomal TIMP3 variants with CCA can be replicated.