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Nonacus works with leading NHS laboratory on validating innovative product

New direct from plasma cfDNA test provides results in three hours. Since 2011 the NHS has been using cell free DNA (cfDNA) in fetal sex testing to identify pregnancies at high risk of sex-linked disorders. This test is done by extracting cfDNA from maternal plasma: a process that is slowing down results for patients.
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NIPD of fetal RhD takes step closer to EQA

Nonacus reviews latest accreditation efforts. Currently, the RhD genotyping landscape doesn’t feature a full EQA (European Quality Assurance) scheme but this latest report published in Blood Transfusion represents a big step forward towards an EQA. The authors have set themselves an objective to implement a regular EQA scheme through their working group. Chris Sale- CEO
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Why cfDNA has caused a revolution in genetic diagnostics

There’s been a revolution. It comes in the form of cell free DNA (cfDNA), which is changing patient pathways for the better across the globe. Due to its nature, cfDNA is considered as an excellent biomarker and source of genetic information. Cell free DNA is thought to originate predominantly from cells that undergo programmed cell...
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