Covid-19. Can we help?

The impact of the coronavirus is being felt right across the UK and I hope that you, your family and your friends remain safe and well.

With yesterday’s announcement from the government, we know that this impact will be wide ranging and may be having a knock on effect on your laboratory.  We are hearing of laboratory closures during the self-isolation period and labs operating with a skeleton staff, all of which puts pressure on laboratory services.

We would like to offer our help.

Nonacus has a fully equipped service laboratory for DNA extraction, library preparation and NGS sequencing that already supports both clinical and research labs. As a supplier of products and services to the NHS we are we are working hard to stay open and continue supporting laboratories through this difficult period

If you are struggling with staff levels or are being asked to repurpose and still have important clinical or research samples to be processed, please contact us at

Chris Sale

CEO and Founder

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