Read all about it in The Telegraph – the potential of GALEAS Bladder in the early diagnosis of bladder cancer

April 12, 2024 | COMPANY | NEWS

Bladder Cancer Awareness month is quickly approaching and Nonacus is delighted to share that The Daily Telegraph has published an article about recognising the symptoms of bladder cancer, and the importance of early diagnosis of bladder cancer featuring GALEAS Bladder.

This piece features insightful interviews from key opinion leaders, notably Professor Richard Bryan, Director of the Bladder Cancer Research Centre at the University of Birmingham, and relates to GALEAS Bladder, our novel non-invasive bladder cancer test. Offering a viable alternative to the discomfort of cystoscopies, GALEAS Bladder is currently undergoing evaluations by the NHS with the potential for nationwide implementation.

This is a critical milestone in bladder cancer testing on a national level as the possibility of a non-invasive bladder testing pathway becomes a closer reality.

Read all about it – explore the article via our Nonacus GALEAS Bladder website.

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