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Advancing Non-Invasive Healthcare

In 2015 Nonacus was founded with a singular purpose: to offer high quality, non-invasive, genetic testing with the end-user at the forefront. Formed by a dedicated group of biotechnology professionals with over 35 years of experience within the sector, Nonacus understands the need for laboratories to continually deliver progress. This understanding forms the basis of all our products and drives our innovation.

Our Mission and Purpose

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Our Mission

Through the deployment of our advanced liquid biopsy platform, we will enable decentralised, cost effective and cutting-edge cancer genomics and democratise early cancer detection and monitoring globally.

Our Purpose

Detecting cancer earlier and informing patient outcomes through the deployment of a truly innovative liquid biopsy testing platform.

The Nonacus Name

When Chris and Lee founded Nonacus in 2015 they had one singular purpose - to develop non-invasive DNA tests that would change the way genomic diagnostics was done.

Choosing a name that would reflect this mission wasn't easy.

Based off the Latin term ‘non acus’ meaning ‘no needle’, Nonacus accurately symbolises the company’s mission- to move away from intrusive, risky diagnostic procedures like tissue biopsies or amniocentesis towards less invasive testing. To read more about the story behind the name click here.

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Cell3 Target becomes the first pan-cancer NGS panel for liquid biopsy profiling of childhood cancer

July 7, 2022

A group at the Institute of Cancer Research recently published the validation of a Nonacus pan-cancer sequencing panel for liquid biopsy molecular diagnostics which could be used to profile tumor DNA in the blood of paediatric cancer patients. This opens up the possibility to routinely sample patients, monitoring their response to treatment and following their disease progression, to detect relapse as early as possible.

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Birmingham University and Nonacus partner to develop urine test for bladder cancer

May 17, 2022

Last July we announced that Nonacus and the University of Birmingham had partnered to develop a non-invasive test for bladder cancer. The test uses highly sensitive liquid biopsy technology developed by Nonacus, and a panel of biomarkers validated by Dr Rik Bryan and Dr Douglas Ward from the University’s Bladder Cancer Research Centre, to diagnose the disease from urine samples. Now, less that a year later, the first results are in.

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Liquid Biopsy: The Future Of Minimal Residual Disease Detection

March 24, 2022

The assessment of post-treatment minimal residual disease remains challenging clinically as current gold-standard methods do not exhibit sufficient sensitivity and specificity’. This wastes precious time where using a more sensitive and informative method such as liquid biopsy may allow the clinician to act earlier and stratify treatment more appropriately to enhance patient outcomes.

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