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Ensuring successful cell-free DNA analysis is our focus

Every sample is precious and to get the most out of your sample when evaluating cell-free DNA it is really critical to have processed your samples correctly from blood collection through to extracted cfDNA. Learn more about our Cell3™ Preserver blood tube and Cell3™ Xtract kit below.


Efficient workflow enables confident calling of all ctDNA mutations

Nonacus are working with some of the brightest scientists and clinicians by providing a validated complete workflow for liquid biopsy analysis. With the ultimate goal of enabling better cancer care through earlier diagnosis, treatment stratification and monitoring.

Prenatal healthcare

Non-invasive prenatal testing requires sensitive, reproducible and easy to use products

Nonacus continues to develop innovative products to meet these exacting standards including tests for fetal rhesus-D genotyping, fetal fraction quantitation and single gene disorder testing.

Who we are

Designed by scientists, for scientists

We are formed of a committed group of biotechnology professionals with a combined 35 years experience in genomic healthcare. We understand the pressure on laboratories to deliver progress and our products are designed to get you there. Between us, we’ve got global experience of genomic healthcare from the NHS in the UK through to an international genome project.

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What we stand for

True innovation that benefits patients

We translate research into routine diagnostic tools that directly benefit patients and scientists. Our non-invasive cell-free DNA solutions improve diagnostic accuracy as well as the patient’s experience. Our research & development team are constantly developing, validating and testing new cfDNA products.

Built for


We supply Universities with our cfDNA products to help them improve their understanding and research in non-invasive healthcare.


Leading hospitals have adopted our products to help improve patient care through the innovative use of cfDNA technology allowing for non-invasive diagnostics.

Research Facilities

We partner with many leading laboratories to constantly innovate and push our cfDNA products further.

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Nonacus CEO Chris Sale and Advanced Genomics APAC Managind Director Andy Chang

Grand Opening of Advanced Genomics APAC Taiwan Headquarters

October 5, 2023

Advanced Genomics APAC Co. Ltd. proudly announced today the grand opening of its Taiwan headquarters, marking a significant milestone in its mission to revolutionize medical diagnosis and advance the field of cancer genomics.

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The NEW sample-to-report NGS bladder cancer test: GALEAS Bladder – All you need to know

September 20, 2023

To improve bladder cancer management for both patients and clinicians, Nonacus developed and launched GALEAS Bladder. This urine-based molecular biomarker test is highly accurate and sensitive at detecting all stages and grades of bladder cancer. It provides a simple sample-to-report, molecular triage for patients with hematuria; streamlining the clinical diagnosis process and reducing the need for cystoscopies.

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To consolidate multiple testing strategies for haematological malignancies, our customer designed the first Nonacus NGS panel for both myeloid and lymphoid neoplasia

August 2, 2023

To help consolidate multiple testing strategies for haematological malignancies, our customer designed a Nonacus NGS panel, creating the first NGS workflow for both myeloid and lymphoid neoplasia.

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