Pre-analytical Products

Validated liquid biopsy and cell-free DNA extraction (cfDNA) solutions

A range of pre-analytical products designed to optimize liquid biopsy collection and cell-free DNA (cfDNA) extraction for clinical and translational research and analysis.

The importance of sample collection, storage and testing for cfDNA extraction.

Nonacus understands that every clinical sample is precious and that working with cell-free DNA (cfDNA) for prenatal applications (cffDNA) or oncology applications (ctDNA) requires exquisitely sensitive and accurate measurement of genomic alterations. Owing to the relative scarcity of cfDNA we have developed a range of pre-analytical products to ensure the very best outcome for your experiment. This includes our Cell3™ Preserver, an evacuated whole blood collection tube which stabilizes the nucleated cell fraction within blood and conserves the cell-free DNA fraction and our solutions for cfDNA extraction: our flexible, medium to low throughput Cell3™ Xtract Kit and easily automatable and scalable Bead Xtract Kit.

Our Products

See our range of pre-analytical cell-free DNA products below.

Cell3™ Preserver

Specialized cell-free DNA blood collection tubes 

Nonacus Cell3™ Preserver tubes are an easy-to-use direct-draw blood collection method that maintains white blood cell integrity for up to 15 days. They provide an alternative to EDTA tubes that help ensure contamination-free cfDNA for applications like liquid biopsy and NIPT.

Cell3™ Xtract

Efficient, low throughput cell-free DNA extraction

Our Cell3™ Xtract kit is a robust and efficient, spin column solution for isolating cfDNA directly from plasma and other biological samples like saliva, CSF and amniotic fluid. It requires no specialist equipment, has a 90 minute processing time and can easily handle up to 10 ml of plasma allowing increased recovery and concentration of cfDNA from an entire sample. This avoids the necessity for multiple 1 ml extractions.

Bead Xtract cfDNA

Scalable, automatable cell-free DNA extraction

The Bead Xtract cfDNA kit uses paramagnetic particles with a high binding capacity to maximize cfDNA yield from plasma and serum. It offers complete flexibility supporting a range of input volumes from 0.5-10 ml and both manual and automated protocols. The protocol can be fully automated, requiring only 30 minutes set-up time and is compatible with a wide range of open-source liquid handlers.

Cell3 Preserver
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Bead Xtract Medium Kit

Which cell-free DNA extraction kit is right for me?

Nonacus offers a range of options to suit the individual needs of your laboratory:

Bead Xtract cfDNA Kit Cell3™ Xtract Kit
Technology Magnetic Beads Spin Column
Throughput Medium-High Low-Medium
Automation Compatible Yes No
Input Volume 0.5-10ml 1-10ml
Elution Volume
30-60 ul 35 ul
Specialist Equipment Requires Magnet None
Hands-on Time 30 mins 30 mins
Sample Type
Plasma, serum Plasma, serum, CSF, saliva, amniotic fluid
Processing Time (manual)
75 minutes 90 minutes
Cost Effectiveness
Price per extraction is lower for 1ml vs 10ml Fixed cost per extraction independent of input volume

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