Celina Whalley M.Sc.


Celina Whalley, MSc

Celina Whalley is a scientific writer with expertise in genomics, residing in West Midlands, UK.

20+ years of experience working with University Genomic Service laboratories specializing in:

  • RNA, DNA and cfDNA extraction, along with QC, from biological samples
  • Microarrays for methylation, genotyping, and gene expression
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) library preparation with DNA and RNA
  • Operation of Illumina sequencing platforms
  • Oxford Nanopore long read library preparation with DNA and RNA
  • Operation of Oxford Nanopore MinION/GridION and PromethION platforms
  • 10x single cell mRNA-seq library preparation and NGS


  • BSc Biology, University of Lancaster, UK
  • MSc Medical Mycology, University of Leeds, UK


  • Registered Scientist (RSci)
  • Chartered Scientist (CSci)

Professional Memberships

The NEW sample-to-report NGS bladder cancer test: GALEAS Bladder – All you need to know

By Victoria Simms | September 20, 2023

To improve bladder cancer management for both patients and clinicians, Nonacus developed and launched GALEAS Bladder. This urine-based molecular biomarker test is highly accurate and sensitive at detecting all stages and grades of bladder cancer. It provides a simple sample-to-report, molecular triage for patients with hematuria; streamlining the clinical diagnosis process and reducing the need for cystoscopies.

To consolidate multiple testing strategies for haematological malignancies, our customer designed the first Nonacus NGS panel for both myeloid and lymphoid neoplasia

By Victoria Simms | August 2, 2023

To help consolidate multiple testing strategies for haematological malignancies, our customer designed a Nonacus NGS panel, creating the first NGS workflow for both myeloid and lymphoid neoplasia.

Detecting copy number variants using Next Generation Sequencing

By Victoria Simms | June 30, 2023

Copy number variants are responsible for 5-10% of genetic disease – that’s why detecting them reliably and robustly is so important in clinical labs. Next Generation Sequencing panels have proven to be extremely useful for clinical applications and can successfully detect many genomic variants, but they can often struggle with CNV detection.

Introducing our new logo and brand identity: reflecting Nonacus’ clinical vision for advanced liquid biopsy testing

By Victoria Sutcliffe | May 26, 2023

The new Nonacus logo and rebranding effort signifies our commitment to advancing clinical solutions that revolutionize cancer diagnostics and treatment.

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month: The potential of a non-invasive approach

By Victoria Sutcliffe | May 25, 2023

As we continue to implement GALEAS® Bladder, we want to use Bladder Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness of the disease and emphasize the importance of discussions around bladder cancer and knowledge of early symptoms.

Liquid biopsy company Nonacus unveils new Birmingham headquarters with distinguished presence of Angela Douglas MBE

By Paula | May 17, 2023

Liquid biopsy company Nonacus and genomic testing laboratory Informed Genomics officially opened their new Birmingham Headquarters yesterday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Angela Douglas MBE, Deputy Chief Scientific Officer for NHS England.

Can you use NGS panels to test for Tumor Mutational Burden?

By Victoria Simms | April 24, 2023

Tumor Mutational Burden has been highlighted as a reliable predictor of immunotherapy response across multiple cancer types offering the potential to help guide treatment decisions for cancer patients. Typically whole exome and genome sequencing are used to assess TMB but NGS panels offer a far more cost-effective method making them a more feasible option for routine clinical use.

cell free DNA

What is targeted next generation sequencing?

By Victoria Simms | March 31, 2023

Targeted NGS focuses sequencing efforts on specific subsets of the genome. By concentrating on certain genomic regions, it is possible to achieve greater sensitivity and robust calling of low frequency variants.

Nonacus launches GALEAS® Bladder, a novel test for the non-invasive detection of bladder cancer

By Victoria Simms | March 29, 2023

GALEAS® Bladder is a novel bladder cancer test providing a non-invasive, sample-to-report, molecular triage for patients with hematuria. The urine-based molecular biomarker, provides a highly sensitive test that can quickly and accurately detect bladder cancer and streamline diagnosis, thereby reducing the need for invasive cystoscopies.

Nonacus invests in early bowel cancer detection start-up CanSense

By Victoria Sutcliffe | March 14, 2023

Nonacus is delighted to announce its investment in CanSense: a Swansea-based start-up company focused on the early detection of bowel cancer through a simple blood test. CanSense’s test, which combines laser spectroscopy with artificial intelligence, is faster, less expensive and less invasive than a colonoscopy procedure and more acceptable for patients than a faecal blood detection kit.